Main Business Category : Home Landscape Supplies
2nd Business Category : Home Landscapers
Business Description:
The DEEP DRIP Tree Watering Device is a tool to aid in watering and feeding your trees at the roots. Deep Drip will deeper saturate the ground around your tree allowing the roots to grow deep and strong instead of horizontally at the surface, possibly resulting in exposed roots. This device is designed to work in conjunction with your landscape drip system (standard 1/4" line) easily connecting to the Deep Drip unit. Start watering your trees where the roots are and where you want them to be. Roots tend to follow the water source, so show your roots the path to grow deep. Our Patent Pending Deep Drip devices are made in the U.S.A. and come in three sizes: 14", 24", and 36".

There are two ways to install the Deep Drip units. Either by inserting the units during new planting or by driving the unit into the ground (while wearing protective eye wear, of course) near an existing tree. The reinforced pointed tip and specially designed cap are engineered to take quite a beating.

During one installation test in extremely dense earth, our researchers used a 5-pound sledge hammer, pounding the device 484 times to get a 36" unit into the ground. Obviously, this was very hard ground, although we mention this to you show you the strength and durability of our units.
In Business Since : 2006
Selling Type : Retail & Wholesale
Number of Locations : 1
# of Employees : 3
Testimonials :
"Wow - finally someone has a simple product to promote deep root growth.  I hate losing  trees in wind storms." -  A.B Fountain Hills, AZ
Owner / Manager Name : Doug King
Refund Policies :
Your complete satisfaction is our goal.  Return defective units for replacement to your supplier.  Units damaged due to incorrect installation (hitting subsurface obstructions) or clogged with foreign materials are not returnable.
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