Wobbly and Hungry Trees Rejoice !
Help prevent wind-toppled trees and tree-health problems. DEEP DRIP Tree Watering Stakes aid in watering & feeding trees at the roots. Deep Drip will saturate the ground deeper allowing roots to grow deep & strong. Connects to standard automatic drip watering system & comes in 3 sizes. Made in USA.view details
New Mindset Marketing
New Mindset Marketing delivers high value/high return marketing plans to drive profits and revenues. NMM's focus on small business and non-profits believes no matter the company size, a quality marketing approach will use your talents and resources wisely.view details
Learn What Your Customers Think
Inexpensively discover what customers think about your company, products, services, staff, and advertising with an online survey. Information is critical to business success. Online surveys and polls have real-time online reporting. Add links for surveys to your advertising for better response.view details
Move More - Be Happy ! ! !
Personal Training, Full Fitness assesment and personalized exercise programs. I bring the gym to you, or come to my studio or other locations...Exercise instruction including but not limited to: Strength, Balance, Core, Cardio, Sports Specific or general fitness...Also Swimming, Cycling, and Running programsview details
Winner - Best Cookie Award in Phoenix
Chocolate Star Bakery specializes in irresistible gourmet cookies for every sophisticated taste and occasion. Our cookies are made from scratch daily with the finest ingredients. Winner of the Phoenix New Times "BEST COOKIES" Award. Quote: "For choosy cookie chewers like us, the choice is clear"view details
Can You Say Phlebotomist ?
United Blood Services needs your help. Blood donors ... especially type O-negative ... are urged to immediately make an appointment to donate blood at a donor center, or find a local blood drive location. To schedule an appointment, call 1-877-448-GIVE (4483) or visit UnitedBloodServices.org/Arizonaview details
Ads Value Model
Email / Screen Name


Call AdsValue 


View and Print
 AdsValue Ad and Web Services Flyer

 Services are provided through AdsValue with a high level of service and agency pricing not available to individual clients. 
Always contact AdsValue for the best value.        
AdsValue works for you.

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 AdsValue Aarrow Ads Ad Spinners

When it comes to getting attention for your business or event, few methods top an Ad Spinner   

Ad spinners are highly trained and certified artisans that perform acrobatic feats with your 6' advertising arrow sign.  People passing by can't but help to notice the colorful and animated sign being put through a series of over 200 attention-getting moves to finally come to rest pointing towards your business or event.

Great For: Real estate promotion, store /nightclub openings, political events, new product introduction, special sale, church or community event

Nationally Recognized: Featured on Fox News, Ellen DeGeneres Show,, NBC Today, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, AOL, ABC World News, and so many others

Spinner Clients: Vitaminwater, 50-Cent, Cricket, Toys-R-Us, Bud Light, Staples, Lamps Plus, Beazer Homes, Red Cross, Century 21, and many more 

Testimonials: ". .  . stands out from the rest", " . . . an advertising extreme", ". . . the best spinners around", ". . . inventive street advertising"

Training:  Each spinner is trained and certified before being allowed to reprent your business.  Spinners also attend weekly training sessions to enhance theit skills and maintain the professionalism you expect.

 AdsValue Aarrow Ads Ad Spinners  

 Primary Performance Cities: 

  • Atlanta 
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Phoenix
  • Raleigh
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Washington D.C.

Spinners can generally travel to any location in the US, appear any time day or night , dress for the occassion (such as a tuxedo for formal events, or wear branded apparel), or provide special requests such music, lighting, flyer handouts, etc.

Don't be fooled by roadside immitators just sitting in a chair

Sales a little slow?  New store opening?   Having a big event?   Property not getting the Open House foot traffic desired?  Don't say "I wish I had some ad spinners on the street letting people know what's happening today."  Make it happen now - Contact AdsValue directly, or use our convenient Services Information Request form to tell us about your advertising needs.  

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Television advertising can fit your advertising budget.  

82% of Americans say TV is the most influential form of media.  Source Nielsen 2006

The average American watches 4 1/2 hours of televison per day.  Source Nielsen 2006

The average American spends more time each day watching TV than with all other forms of media combined.  
Source US Census Statistical Abstract of the US 2007: Table 1110 

 AdsValue Television Ads
AdsValue brings effective TV advertising within sight of most advertising budgets.   Planning a $5000 local newspaper advertising blitz - consider a $5000 television advertising campaign.  Affordable television advertising doesn't me less effective.  

Cost Variables- cost seems to always quickly bubble to the top in discussions about television advertising and creating a commercial.  These are the basic variables:

  • Length- 30 seconds, 60 seconds etc.  Longer commercials cost more, but not proportionally more.   A 30-second commercial  is a real value at $499 including personalization (airtime is additional). You can use your commercial as many times as you wish. 
  • Content - original production (very expensive) to customized pre-programmed (very affordable)
  • Schedule (When) - aired non-prime time (more affordable) versus prime time
  • Schedule (Where) - aired cable networks (TBS, TNT, etc.) (more affordable) versus national networks (CBS, NBC, etc.)
  • Schedule (Frequency)- airs fewer times versus more times.  Volume discounts included. Longer campaigns are more effective.

Quality Commercials - High-quality professional television advertising commercials prepared in about two weeks using a very large library of pre-prepared background videos.  This saves you money and time.  They are then customized to your specific needs.  You won't see your 2nd cousin Jethro barking at the viewing audience in some home-made looking television commercial.

Schedules- Your budget has much to do with when, where, how often your television advertising commercial will air.  Prime time is always possible, yet you will need to reduce the number of times you run the commercial on the same budget.  We will provide a complete schedule for your review and adjustment. 

Customization- although not always wanted or needed depending on your advertising objectives, we can add on-site segments to personalize your commercial with your staff or completed jobs or other items.  Local videographers come to your location and film the segment, then add it into the pre-programmed segments. 

Target Marketing  - With so many options, it is easier now to target your niche market.  Select a DMA, or market, or cable zone, then select your channels / networks.  Example - the Phoenix Metro DMA, on ESPN and TNT.

AdsValue will provide a complete media plan and projected penetration to your target market with anticipated Impressions, CPM and Cost Per Spot. You'll know exactly what to expect before committing your television budget.

With so many variables to a campaign, it is impossible to provide exact quote without specific information.  Start your television advertising today by Contacting AdsValue directly, or use our convenient Services Information Request form for more information.

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Make your web site visitors feel welcome with a personal video greeting.

A live person greeting is a short video introduction that floats over your web site and plays when the page is viewed.  Want to view the AdsValue live person greeting again - just revisit our Home page

View Home Page DEMO
(Use your browser Back button to retrun here)

Why use a Video Greeting?

  • Make your visitors feel welcome with a personal greeting
  • Provide information to help them use your site
  • Makes your site stand out from your competition
  • Encourages visitors to explore further within your site
  • Increase visitor interaction and increase sales
  • More professional alternative to avatars
  • It's just really cool


  • High quality video greeting from 30 to 60 seconds 
  • Works on any web site, multiple videos per site is OK
  • Can be located over text and graphics, but not links
  • Easy to install in your HTML code - no programming
  • Attractive Male, Female and Child actors available
  • Decide image - formal, business, fun, casual
  • Very Affordable - a complete 30 sec. video is less
    than $500 and a 60 sec. video is less than $600.


  • Professional video and audio production and editing
  • Order to delivery time is about 2 weeks
  • You can write the script or we can
  • 30 sec. = about 75 words, 60 sec. = 150 words
  • Attire, actor position, hair style, props, branded items
   AdsValue Video Greeting lady - Jennifer

Try it Now On Your Site!    You're probably anxious to see how a live person greeting will look on your web site.  Wait no longer - go to http://www.videoforprofit.com/ and enter your name, email, and web site URL and see a live person greeting appear on your site.  Then check out the actors and see which one is right for your site.  We're sure you'll agree that adding a live person to your web site is a big plus!  

Get started today adding a live person greeting to your site today by Contacting AdsValue directly, or use our convenient Services Information Request form for more information. 


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Service Available - information to be added to page shortly 

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AdGorilla iCapture logo


iCapture™ push2call Web Site Service

iCapture™ push2call technology enables your business to capture online shoppers when they are ready to buy. Our service initiates an immediate live telephone call to the customer at the click of a button located on the business' web site. A brief contextually-relevant audio-visual advertisement will play, and then the customer is connected with a representative from your business who can answer questions or take payment information over the phone.

 AdGorilla iCapture lady  

How iCapture™ push2call Works

A customer is visiting your web site to find general information or make a purchase. She cannot find what she is searching for and considers leaving your site. She spots the iCapture™ push2call technology and clicks on the icon. 

She enters her basic contact information. Within seconds, her telephone is ringing. She listens to a brief contextually-relevant advertisement and is then connected to your customer service department. Your customer specialists now have the opportunity to satisfy your customer's needs.

   AdGorilla iCapture guy
iCapture™ is available in two models.  The Sponsored Model allows your company to earn revenue each time a customer transfers to your customer service center.  The Self-Promotion Model provides whatever message you select from your company and with no revenue earned per call.

AdGorilla iCapture Sponsored Model   AdGorilla iCapture Self-Promotion Model

Sponsored Button Details

An iCapture™ Sponsored Button works like this:

  • The iCapture™ push2call technology will be placed on your web site at no cost to you.

  • Your business also receives a revenue share for every call placed (from the contextually-relevant third-party sponsored advertising that plays as a call is being routed to your organization after the iCapture™ push2call Button is clicked).

  • Your business is also provided a percentage (about 10%) of the available incoming calls to promote your own company.   For example, this means that 1 out of 10 calls will play your company's message in place of an advertiser's message.

Self-Promotion Button Details

An iCapture™ Self-Promotion Button works like this :

  • Your business will run your own advertisements each time the iCapture™ push2call Button is clicked. Customers will never see a third-party ad on your site.

  • The fee structure for the iCapture™ push2call Button is based upon viewing. You pay for the service based on the number of times your advertisement runs.

Installation:  You select your iCapture™ button from a library of pre-prepared call buttons, or have us design one especially for your site.  Installing the iCapture™ code is easy and fast and performed by your web site administrator.  You can be up and running in a matter of hours from completing the agreement to placing your code on your site.

Getting Started:  Service is provided on a month-to-month basis so you have not long-term commitment.  You may adjust your campaign to special needs such as only displaying approve ads, or having ads display only during the hours your call center is open.

With many variables to a campaign, Contact AdsValue directly, or use our convenient Services Information Request form for more information.  You may prefer to visit the AdGorilla web site and view demos of their technology.  It is recommended that you have a telephone and computer to experience the full scope of the demo.  When you decide to purchase AdGorilla services and start generating revenue for your company, you will be asked to provide this referral code:  ADSVALUE  to the AdGorilla or AdsValue representative.

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MisManaged & Poor Performing Adwords Account Review and Repair

AdWords Introduction, Personal Basic Training, and Account Management

New to AdWords?  - Having a great web site is just not enough anymore . . . .What defines an online business presence keeps improving and your business needs to keep up to remain competitive.  First we needed a web site, then there was banner ads with CPI and CPC, then we needed SEO, then Web 2.0, and now you need Google AdWords.  Whew !

One of the basic keys to effective advertising is to have your product (or service) in front of a person looking for a solution to their want or need when they want or need it. 

Over half of people looking to buy products and services now start by searching on the internet - and that number keeps growing.  Google is the # 1 search engine.  Google AdWords can be superior to many other forms of advertising. 

 Google AdWords logo  

So what exactly is Google AdWords?  Google AdWords is:  

   - The largest context-sensitive online ad serving network
   - A tool to effectively manage Google advertising
   - A way to reach more customers practically anywhere
   - A system to make good use of your ad dollars

Most advertising falls into the "create it and hope for the best" category.  Conversely, Google AdWords allows you to control your advertising instantly - for placement, pricing, ad content, and performance.  Can you do that with your print, radio, TV, or many other ad types?

Added Benefit - link your Google AdWords campaign to the free Google Analytics program and learn more about how the Google AdWords campaigns perform, how visitors use your site, and what they like and don't like.  Information like this is invaluable for a business to tune their web site to provide a better user experience and convert visitors to sales.

If you're in AdWords shock or just feel a little lost, don't feel bad.  Just conact AdsValue and we can help you understand more about Google AdWords and how it works.  

Alert - MisManaged and Poor Performing Accounts
Do you have any of these AdWords doubts?
  • Not sure (or you know) your account has been a waste of money? 
  • Current provider isn't doing a good job?
  • Performance has never really increased, or has decreased over time?
  • Spending too much for clicks or not enough clicks for the money spent?
  • Not any, or poor feedback on campaign progress?
  • Evasive answers or unable to answer questions about AdWords?
  • They deny you access to your own account?
  • No longer have time to manage your account or keep up on training

We can review your AdWords account, web site, and analytics (as available) for blantant errors, poor practices, and areas for improvement and provide a written summary report.  If you wish to engage our services - Great!  Start with an AdWords Account Review.  If you really don't need our services, you'll have peace of mind your account is running in the right direction.  You win either way.   

AdsValue  AdWord Serices

AdWords Introduction
- need a little help deciding if AdWords is right for your business?
- over one hour personal demonstration of the AdWords / Analytics program basic features and capabilities - all for an investment of only $99.


AdWords Account Setup
- we learn about your business, set up your account, select initial keywords, provide basic training to one person, provide key reference resources, and then you manage your own account.  We monitor and assist your account for two weeks to help with your understanding and selections.  Cost is about $300 - $700 depending on your needs


AdWords Small Business Mgmt
- we manage your entire AdWords / Analytics program for you for a desired time period - such as for 5 weeks, or 6 months.  For accounts with a monthly spend of less than about $3500/month.  Cost is 20% of the managed monthly campaign spend.

“. . . campaign was costing too much ($4000/mo.) and wasn't getting  quality clicks. They reviewed our account, reduced our costs, and fixed the campaign.  We now spend over $25,000/mo., revenue has tripled,  and are opening  two new locations directly because of one phone call to AdsValue.     Phil W. Mesa AZ”    
Google AdWords Red Arrow
  “We wanted an AdWords campaign we could manage.  AdsValue provided our setup, lots of training, and monitored our account until we were comfortable and getting the clicks we wanted.  This is by far the easiest way to get started and we’re very satisfied.   Elizabeth M.  NFB Scottsdale AZ”

AdWords Account Review
- top-to-bottom general review of one small AdWords account using best practices and provide a written summary report of findings and recommendations - $129
Large Account Review - $400

   AdWords Corporate Management
- similar to the Small business Management package but for accounts spending more than $3500/month.  Includes advanced keyword analysis and selection.  Cost is 20% of the managed monthly campaign spend.

AdWords Account Repair
- includes AdWords Account Review.  Implement Review items authorized to be corrected / improved.  Cost will vary on the Review findings, authorized work, and optional services to accomplish your objectives.

     Optional Services Available
  - SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Meta tags, etc.
  - Landing Page - content creation
  - Add Google Analytics tracking code
  - Web site critique service
  - Web site design & updates

Important Advertising Caveat:  An effective AdWords campaign is designed to direct relevent visitors to your web site landing page based on their search keywords.  Just like any advertising effort - it is to direct visitors to your store, web site, call, email, or whatever.  Even a "100% effective" advertising campaign could be "100% ineffective" at creating sales if the visitor finds the web site content and/or your company's products / services do not meet their needs.  Do not necessarily blame an AdWords campaign for poor conversions.

View and Print Google AdWord Services Flyer

Make your web site work harder for your business.  Get your account created, analyzed, repaired or managed now.  Get started today learning more about Google AdWords by Contacting AdsValue directly, or use our convenient Services Information Request form for more information.

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Service Available - information to be added to page shortly 

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Service Available - information to be added to page shortly 

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Service Available - information to be added to page shortly 

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 Cookie Ad

EM Cookie Ad

Delicious sugar cookies topped with your edible advertisement, message, or photo. 

Great for gatherings, birthday parties, retirement parties, bachelor / bachelorette parties, sending that special message, gifts, open houses, holidays, grand openings, customer appreciation, trade shows, etc.

  • - Ad circle size about 2"
  • - Excellent near-photo quality detail
  • - Phoenix metro area delivery (only) typically 2 – 3 days
  • - Probable delivery charge outside Fountain Hills
  • - Prepayment by check (preferred) or credit card
  • - Special requests welcome
  • - Presentation boxes / bags available
  • - Cookie 3 - 3.5" approximate size
  • - No refund on perishables except for AdsValue errors.
























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»  Eating Advertisements - Is it Safe?     Is it Kosher?  

1. FDA Approved:  All frosting and ink ingredients are FDA approved, all materials that come in contact with the edible portion of the product, backing paper, ink cartridges, cartridge filling and printer rollers, are FDA approved.

    - Black ink contains Water, Propylene glycol, glycerine, Blue 1, Red 40, Yellow 6
    - Cyan ink contains Water, Propylene glycol, glycerine, Blue 1
    - Yellow ink contains Water, Propylene glycol, glycerine, Yellow 5, Yellow 6
    - Magenta ink contains Water, Propylene glycol, glycerine, Blue 1, Red 3, Red 40

2. NSF Certified:   Is the printing system NSF certified? According to the California State Dept. of Health Services, the National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF) certification programs contain the only related standards accredited by ANSI. Also according to the California State Dept. of Health Services, there are currently no standards, NSF or otherwise, that govern the use of an ink jet printer in food preparation. Therefore, as stated in the California Uniform Retail Food Facilities Law, the approval for the use of an ink jet printer for food preparation remains at no higher than the county level in California and possibly at the state level in other areas. Based on this information there is no national or international level sanitation standards or certification currently available for an ink jet printer.

3. Kosher Certified:  Color cartridges and frosting sheets are Kosher? See the Kosher Certificate here.

4. Sugar Cookies:  Cookies contain cake flour (wheat flour, thiamine, mononitrate, riboflavin), granulated sugar, pure vegetable shortening (partially hydrogenated soybean oil), fresh eggs, mashed carrots, water, milkpowder, baking powder, salt, and vanilla.

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Nutritional Label 

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