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MySpace Survey & Online Surveys

Need to Know Information About Your Business? Consider an Online Survey

A customer satisfaction survey and collecting other relevant information is key to managing and growing any business. You’re involved in the daily business, but do you REALLY KNOW what others think about your products, services, or what employees are thinking? Chances are that you may have a feeling about these, but you’re not certain and want some way to know for sure. That is a problem.

A survey is the tool you need to get those answers, and AdsValue can provide a full-service and very cost effective solution to your problem that you probably could not do as well on your own. With relevant information in hand, you can make improvements without wasting valuable time, money, or making costly mistakes.

MySpace Surveys – The New Breed of Survey ?

A MySpace survey is a special type of survey for fun and serious uses. MySpace surveys, which appear on a person's www.myspace.com personal profile, have risen in popularity due to the large potential audience and changes on how the web is used.

A MySpace survey is created using specialized software typically found on a sponsor's web site.  The structure is very basic; questions and spaces to type in your answers.  There are no advanced survey features such as branching. 

A visitor creates a survey and posts it on a sponsor's site (like AdsValue.com).  Other visitors visit the sponsor site, answer the survey, then receive HTML software code containing the completed survey.  They just copy and paste this code into their MySpace personal profile for all to see. 

Although a MySpace survey is used often for "funner" uses, it can be used to conduct a simple customer survey, market research survey, employee survey, or other type survey.  A MySpace survey and other survey examples are shown on this page.

Create a MySpace survey for free using our   MySpace Survey Maker  

MySpace Survey 

What Exactly Are Surveys?

A survey is “a collection of information from a common group through interviews or the application of questionnaires to a representative sample of that group”. Surveys differ from polls in that polls are generally limited to one question. Surveys tend to be more full-featured by contain more questions and may have conditional branching depending on the responses. AdsValue provides both surveys and polls.

Online surveys using survey software or a paper-based survey can be used for practically any business and some common uses are:

  1. Customer Satisfaction Survey – product or service satisfaction, complaint follow-up
  2. Employee Survey – job satisfaction, exit interview
  3. Market Survey – public opinion, likes, dislikes, trends or culture
  4. Customer Survey - product research for new product introduction, redesigns
  5. Training Survey – pre / post-training or seminar evaluation

View these links to see a survey example or Learn more about what makes up a survey.

Why Should You Use a Survey?

Customer surveys are an excellent business tool and the most accepted, non-threatening methods to ask questions of your prospective clients, current or past clients, or the general public and business community. These groups are generally your best source of information on what they like, dislike, want or need.

Administering a customer satisfaction survey properly for the average business person can be daunting task. They typically know what they want or need to know, but probably have neither the time nor the tools to conduct a survey properly to obtain their desired results. Supplying the survey tools and experience is where AdsValue can add value and make your survey a cost-effective and informative reality. We take care of creating and administering your surveys so you have:

  1. no dedicated hardware, survey software, or survey software training needed
  2. no programming to learn
  3. no time learning how to write a survey
  4. no expensive fees to create full-featured surveys
  5. no wasted money on expensive equipment or support stafff
  6. no wasted time creating and administering the survey
  7. minimal distraction from your daily business

Yes – I Need Surveys but What Survey is Right for Me?

This question may seem a little difficult at first to answer, however breaking the process down into manageable steps, it becomes rather easy to identify what you need and plan a successful survey. With AdsValue’s help and easy-to-use survey planning guide, you can answer these few questions and you can be on your way.

  1. Objectives – what do we want to know, what will we do with your findings
  2. Budget – what is our budget, what department will pay, who will authorize
  3. Time Frame – how long do we have, when do we need results 
  4. Target Audience – current customers, lost customers, potential customers 
  5. Optimum Method – online, direct contact, direct mail, telephone
  6. Data Collection - what questions do we ask, how do we administer the survey
  7. Amount of Responses – how many responses do we need to achieve our objectives 
  8. Reporting – how do you want our response data presented, communicated 
  9. Analysis – who can take the data and formulate it into information we can use 

The AdsValue Difference

We know you’re busy running your business. AdsValue reduces the overall cost and your time of creating and administering a full-featured survey compared to doing it in-house, going it alone on-line, or paying a fancy-schmancy Madison Avenue type marketing firm which often costs thousands of dollars for even the simplest of surveys.

Luigi's Survey

Features – Custom Surveys and Polls
Affordable - you pay for only the services you need – no need to maintain a Lamborghini when a Volkswagen will do. We’ll help select the correct solution for your needs.

Full –featured online surveys or web site polls. Add features like validation, conditional branching, video, photographs, audio, and logos. Paper-based surveys are also available.

Custom Solutions - No software to buy, no monthly service commitment, no learning curve – we use our online survey software to create and distribute your survey

15 question types – Really only eight types but everyone else calls them 15 types so we do too. They really have fewer types with many variations but they count them all.

Real Time Online Survey Custom reporting- review up-to-the minute progress anytime on the internet through a custom report link.

Fully-managed campaign services such as email, direct mail, or in-store forms depending on your needs.

Sample Poll & Results


• Continuously Available & Recurring surveys – low monthly cost to keep it active month after month, or to reuse a previously created survey.

Add a poll or a link to the survey to your web site, or just add the link to your AdsValue business profile if you don’t have a web site. Polls are fun, informative, inexpensive, and can help drive traffic to your business.



MySpace Survey Provided by AdsValue

MySpace surveys can be effective marketing tool for conducting online surveys such as a market survey. AdsValue can create MySpace surveys for you, and host your MySpace survey on the AdsValue site.

MySpace Survey

Learn more about and use the MySpace Survey Maker.  Create your own MySpace survey for free with your own questions, then publish it here on the AdsValue site.  Direct people to your survey and they can create the HTML code needed to post the survey results on their MySpace profile page.


Pricing determined on a per-project basis - each situation is different; however below are some approximations of small business projects:

Up to $200 = simple customer satisfaction survey or MySpace survey with under 10 questions, small customer list available with email addresses

$300 - $500 = 10 question customer survey, email or very small direct mail, analysis and reporting

> $500 = 15 question branching employee survey, email or large direct mail campaign, analysis and reporting

AdsValue prefers to utilize email whenever possible to administer a survey. A large portion of the cost of surveying would be experienced if using more expensive means such as direct mail, telephone or, direct contact surveys.

Paper-based surveys can be provided as needed; however AdsValue online surveys are the most efficient way to conduct, track, and report results of your survey campaign.

AVTip: Utilizing an enticing advertisement with a link to a survey can provide double benefits.

Our easy-to-use planning guide helps make the survey creation process fast and easy.

How to Get Started

We suggest you visit the Planning Your Survey section below for an overview of some of the items to consider and an overview of the survey campaign process.   Also print out this easy-to use AdsValue Survey Planning Worksheet

How can we help your achieve your objective? Contact the AdsValue Sales department to discuss your specific needs and receive a copy of the planning guide.  Contact Sales through the Service Info Request Form to tell us about your needs.

Planning Your Survey

Some of the basic components of a survey are listed below with a general explanation and/or examples. The list is not exhaustive and is for a quick overview only.

  1. Common Ways to Administer a Survey
    1. Online – you direct persons to complete a survey on a website, no software required
    2. Telephone - paid caller calls person and asks questions, records responses
    3. Direct Contact – paid surveyor engages persons and asks questions, records responses
    4. Direct Mail – paper form mailed or given to person, form mailed back, answers tallied manually or automatically

  2. Major Types of Survey Questions
    1. Data Collection Types
      1. Date /Time – purchase date, attendance date, failure time
      2. Numeric – serial number, social security number
      3. Specific Text (limited # of characters)– manufacturer’s name, program type
      4. Freeform Text (unlimited # of characters) – comments, explanations
    2. Rank Choice Types
      1. Order – put a given set of choices in some sort of order
      2. Fixed Total – assign percentages to choices so that the total equals 100% or total
    3. Selection Types
      1. Select Choice – single question or matrix (see example), select one or many from list or add a value
      2. Scaled - select only one from a set of multiple choices a degree to which you agree / disagree, like / dislike, satisfied / dissatisfied, etc.

  3. Survey Sample Matrix

  4. Question and Survey Options
    1. Question Layout Style – vertical, horizontal, matrix table
    2. Question HTML Features – video or audio playback, or photos
    3. Response Presentation – all answers shown or dropdown menu
    4. Response Selection Methods – checkbox, option button, select one, select many
    5. Validation – makes sure responses are entered
    6. Page Formatting – add logo, graphics, multimedia, text, header/footer, lines, etc.
    7. Randomization – random moving of question choices to reduce the effects of their placement, such as some surveys show Tom, Dick, Jane, Spot while other surveys shows Spot Jane, Harry, Dick
    8. Response Actions – branching to other questions such as “If Yes, skip to Question 6”, or follow-on question relates only to a specific response made in a previous question, etc.
    9. Active Data Insertion – specific words from past responses are used in formation of following questions

  5. Finishing Details – The ProcessSample Survey Report Graph
    With minimal input from you, AdsValue can help or do all steps along the way to a successful campaign.
    1. Prepare a Plan – doesn’t need to be fancy, a guide for the process. The easy-to-use planning guide helps make the survey creation process fast and easy.
    2. Have AdsValue design your survey or poll
    3. Invite People to Participate – email, direct mail, coupons at store, sales receipt
    4. Raw Data Collection – automatically through our online survey software, real time, database, or manual tabulation of paper forms
    5. Analysis – interpreting the data to create information, statistically significant
    6. Reporting – tables, graphs, narratives, analysis, online and/or printed
    7. Communication – publish results internally only, or to the public
    8. Follow-up Actions – contact dissatisfied and satisfied clients, or interested potential new clients

      View a full Sample Survey Report with graphs and analysis comments or print the AdsValue Survey Planning Worksheet

How can we help?  Contact the AdsValue Sales department through the Service Info Request Form to tell us about your needs.

BONUS ! See other AdsValue services that will complement your survey campaigns such as Email Marketing and Direct Mail.


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